Dance show “Gredzenus mijot”

On 28th May, 2016 in Cesis castle park will happen dance show “Gredzenus mijot” (“Changing with Rings”), where story about weddings will dance more that 1000 dancers form Latvia best (A group) dance ensembles. Show will happen in unusual location for Cesis castle park – with view to beautiful park scenery.

“”Gredzenus mijot” will be story about boy and girl, who are connected with so strong feelings that they had choose to built their own family. Respecting traditions – with Laima and Māra blessing (Latvian deities), also with care from best man, best woman and newlyweds families, the pair will be lead in new life episode by letting us be part of this story.

Wedding is affirmation for our nation future, and the performance of the underlying producer Janis Znotins story about two people will let everyone for a moment overthink their lives most important moments, ” is telling shows artistic producer Iveta Petersone-Lazdane.


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